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February 1, 2013 | Category: Press

February 12, 2013 at 4:59PM By Krystyna Chávez

Read original article: MudPot Review – Best Facial Masks – Cosmopolitan

I hadn’t tried a mask in a really long time but this one definitely takes the cake for me. MudPot is an organic face and body mask harvested twice a year in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.

So here’s why I really love it, I have sensitive skin so I worry about putting products on my face. MudPot is completely natural and full of minerals which helps restore skin and pH balance. After wearing the mask for a little over fifteen minutes I felt my skin feel extremely refreshed and hydrated.

What’s even better is all the dryness on my face was eliminated, it was as if I hadn’t been putting my skin through all of the harsh winter months. I even made my boyfriend try it and after getting it in his eye found it was non-irritating and very easy to remove. Word of advice spritz your face with water every five minutes to keep from drying.

This all natural solution is seriously the best kept beauty secret. What’s even better the jar is recyclable and the box is plantable so you can look good and go green!