Black Rock Mud Company in Modern Farmer

March 12, 2015 | Category: News, Press

ScanBlack Rock Mud Company was recently interviewed for Modern Farmer, a New York based magazine for those interested in the sustainable food movement. Read our interview below!

Meaning to hit up Burning Man, but don’t have the time, money or energy to attend everyone’s favorite hedonistic desert happening?

Unbeknown to the naked tech guys tripping on acid, the land here is flush with hot springs, and the mud is famous for its healing and skin rejuvenating properties. Shelly Egbert, whose falconer dad owns property abutting the Burning Man site, discovered that the springs’ mud fixed her kids’ acne, sunburns, bug bites, you name it.

She founded Black Rock Mud, a prod­uct now being touted for its beautifying and healing properties. The secret is the illite in the clay, a mineral lauded for its ability to draw out toxins and tighten the skin. “For three days after you use it, you’ll feel like you just had a facelift,” says Egbert. The mud is packaged in cute little glass jars, with a bonus: The plantable packaging is studded with wildflower seeds. “I hate to brag about mud,”she says,”but this stuff is just gorgeous.”

To give your skin the nourishing chemical free and paraben free Black Rock experience, try MudPot today.