Black Rock Mud was mentioned by Burning Man

August 7, 2014 | Category: News, Press

Black Rock Mud was recently mentioned by Burning Man in an article about traveling through Gerlach on the way to the Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert. Below is an excerpt from the article.


Burning Man Preparation: Gerlach and Empire | Read full article

Gerlach is a small town filled with small wonders. Although established by the Western Pacific Railroad as late as 1905, the town’s historical significance dates to prehistory. For centuries early humans settled in this region, finding it plentiful in spring water, food and natural shelter. In more recent history, triangle-shaped Black Rock Mountain served as a compass point for pioneers en route to Oregon and California’s gold country. These hardy immigrants traveled from spring to spring, stopping in Gerlach before passing through High Rock Canyon, where you can still find their names carved into barren rock as testimony to their ordeals…

Friends of Black Rock High Rock
Open Mon-Sun 9am-6pm. Closed Mon August 25 to Sunday August 31 (week of Burning Man). Founded in 1999, the Friends of Black Rock High Rock (FBR) focuses on educating people year-round about the National Conservation Area (NCA) encompassing the Black Rock Desert and High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails and mobilizing them to accomplish conservation projects and citizen science projects. You can visit their awesome staff at their office and to learn more about the NCA — books, guides and other materials are also available. They also have t-shirts and other clothing, hoodies, goggles, hats, sunscreen, foot and hand balms, Black Rock Mud and Gerlach Soaps, protein bars and other snacks, and all proceeds go to support FBR and therefore the NCA. You can also check out and purchase prints and other arts from local artists, donations to FBR are always welcome, and check out their radio station KFBR at 91.5fm for eclectic music and public service announcements. Read full article…