Photography by Mark Hammon
Photography by Mark Hammon
Photography by Mark Hammon
Photography by Mark Hammon
Photography by Mark Hammon


Need Last Minute Burning Man Gifts?

As many people know, Burning Man runs on a “gift economy.” There is no commerce of any kind at Burning Man. No vendors are allowed nor is trade or barter. Instead, burners are encouraged to freely share what they have with others. Black Rock Mud masks or soaps are the perfect gift to give at […]

Can’t make it to Burning Man? Get the Black Rock Experience Anyway

Can’t make it to Burning Man this year?  Maybe you couldn’t get tickets this year or maybe you weren’t able to get the time off work. Either way, you can still get the Black Rock Experience.  Black Rock Mud is offering a free “After Burn” day retreat to our private hot spring with the purchase […]

Black Rock Mud was mentioned by Burning Man

Black Rock Mud was recently mentioned by Burning Man in an article about traveling through Gerlach on the way to the Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert. Below is an excerpt from the article. Burning Man Preparation: Gerlach and Empire | Read full article Gerlach is a small town filled with small wonders. Although […]

Rid Yourself of Toxins with Paraben Free Face Mask

Parabens are preservatives widely used in beauty products such as shampoos, shaving gels, make-up and moisturizers. Used due to their low cost and availability, parabens have come under the spotlight owing to their suggested link with cancer. They have been found in breast cancer tumors and have shown the ability to mimic estrogen. Although no official […]

Free Lavender Bliss Soap with mud mask purchase!

Not only does Black Rock Mud offer the luxurious mud mask, we offer handcrafted artisan soaps made from the Black Rock Desert mud as well. We offer such soaps as the Clean As Mud Soap, an unscented soap made with activated charcoal and Black Rock Mud and the MOM soap which is made with Milk, […]

Detox with Illite Clay Mud Mask

Highly prized for centuries, illite clay is known for having greater absorbency than other clays. This ability to draw toxins and impurities from the skin makes illite clay excellent for detoxification. The illite clay tones your skin by bringing blood to surface areas, stimulating circulation while adsorbing the toxins and removing dead skin cells leaving […]

Celebrate Earth Day With 50% Off Mud Mask!

As can be seen from our sustainable harvesting processes and our wild flower packaging, we respect and love Mother Nature.  To celebrate her this Earth Day we are offering a 50% mud mask discount to thank you for buying local, natural products. Simply enter the coupon code EARTH50 at checkout to receive your discount. As […]

Fernley women harvest mud, create green spa product

GERLACH, Nev. (KRNV & — It starts in the Black Rock Desert just outside of Gerlach and ends up in spas like the one at the Peppermill. Two Fernley women are harvesting mud and creating a new local, green beauty trend. It’s Black Rock Mud and it’s created by geothermal activity outside of Gerlach. […]

Black Rock Mud: All-Natural, Chemical-Free Mask

Those who know us Black-Rock-Mudders can attest to one thing: we are MAD about our mud! Nothing makes us more excited than a prospective new MudPot getting itself harvest-ready. We can’t contain our glee when a new MudPot forms to create the beautiful product you receive from Black Rock Mud. While you may think our […]
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