Natural Products

"First time trying your Black Rock Mud. I am enjoying the feeling it brings while on my face. I am impressed with your natural products and am excited to see the benefits!" - Deborah D.

Full Body Mud Mask

"This morning, I had the pleasure of slathering this precious clay onto my entire body! I could feel the healing properties from the inside out! My skin looks amazing! Thank you for visiting Lime Spa and gifting us with the Mudpot. I'll be telling everyone and anyone about it!!!" -Isabel F.

Family Owned, Locally Sourced Mud Mask Company

"After two "mud masks" from my Black Rock Mud Pot I am hooked! It is wonderful, and the fact that it is so pure, the processing is so unique, the family working together, the packaging that goes back into the ground to become wild flowers... I am so grateful to have found this wonderful product!" - Susan W.

Clear Psoriasis Naturally

"Just tried mine and I love it! Awesome stuff. I have mild psoriasis too and it seems to have cleared that up too." -Ali S.

Mud Mask Shrinks Pores

"I love this mud. It shrunk my pores and left my skin feeling tight and smooth. It's awesome stuff!" -Lindsey G.

Black Rock Mud Mask Works to Heal Skin Allergies

"My 4 year old daughter has severe food allergies, and something triggered a reaction on her hands, causing bad hives, itching, and redness. I was out of her normal medicated lotion and in a moment of panic grabbed my MUDPOT and covered her hands in it. after about 5 minutes the hives were down to just a little redness and the itching and burning were gone thanks Black Rock Mud Company!" -Katie W.  

Smooth, Oil-Free Skin with Clay Mask

"I was really impressed at how it absorbed all the nasty oils from my face (I even noticed my face seemed to stay oil-free for a couple of days after). My face actually seemed almost sparkly after wiping off the mask (may be some of the trace minerals) and it is definitely smoother! Also it doesn't take very much product to cover your face so I see this MudPot lasting for quite awhile." -Mommy in PA

Mud Mask Relieves Bee Stings

"Happy 4th! Wanted to let you know that my mom got stung by a bee on back of her neck yesterday. They could not get the stinger out so I told her to put mud on it. She text me an hour later and said it took ALL the pain away! Thank you again so much and yet another use for the mud. Have a wonderful weekend."      

Fresh Feeling Skin From MudPot

“I love how fresh Mudpot makes my skin feel when I have it on.” - Linda P.

Smooth Skin from Non-gritty Mud Mask

“There is so much that I love about Mudpot! First of all, the texture isn’t gritty. I have avoided using several other mud masks because of I didn’t like the texture. Mudpot is so smooth and it feels so good going on your skin. I also love how smooth it makes my skin feel afterwards. I noticed a change even after the first time I used it – and it keeps getting better!” - Lucy G.
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