Detox with Illite Clay Mud Mask

May 8, 2014 | Category: News

detox-with-mud-maskHighly prized for centuries, illite clay is known for having greater absorbency than other clays. This ability to draw toxins and impurities from the skin makes illite clay excellent for detoxification. The illite clay tones your skin by bringing blood to surface areas, stimulating circulation while adsorbing the toxins and removing dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth and radiant.

Many face masks, bath and spa products contain illite clay as a main ingredient, but Black Rock Mud uses only pure, natural clay from the Black Rock Desert. MudPot does not contain any additives, chemicals or fillers, making it the perfect choice when trying to rid yourself of toxins.

Illite clay works with the body to restore and balance skin in a natural way. It is gentle enough to use on a weekly or even daily basis for problem areas. To give your skin the nourishing Black Rock experience, try MudPot today.