Earth-friendly Mud Mask: Wild Flower packaging

March 25, 2015 | Category: News

earth-friendly-mud-maskBlack Rock Mud’s motto is “From the Earth, For You, To the Earth.” We respect Mother Nature and for this reason our HBA International award winning green packaging has been carefully designed for the Earth.

We support local companies that employ eco-friendly practices, and every component of our packaging is made in the USA. MudPot is locally harvested in Gerlach, Nevada and hand packaged in a recyclable jar. It is then packaged in a plantable box embedded with select varieties of non-invasive wildflower seeds.

Once you have had the Black Rock Mud experience you can return your package to the earth by planting it in your garden. The paper will recycle naturally into the soil and you will be rewarded with a colorful display of wildflowers!

To give your skin and the earth this nourishing treat, try MudPot today.