Photography by Mark Hammon


Can Mudpot be used on any skin type?
Yes. The 100% natural illite clay is known for both its absorbing and adsorbing powers and will help to restore any skin type to its natural pH balance. Note: As with any cosmetic product, always spot test before use.

How long should I leave the mask on?
The healing and restorative benefits of the clay begin to work immediately and continue to work for as long as the mask is left on. For most people 5-20 minutes provides the desired results.

Do I need to mist the mask during use?
Most people prefer to keep the mask moist during use, although some prefer the stronger tightening effect that results from letting the mask partially or fully dry. Both ways are beneficial.

How thickly should I apply the mask?
For the best effect the mask should be applied thick enough to cover the skin surface from showing through.

Should I use anything on my skin after rinsing off the mask?
Yes. It is always recommended that you apply a quality moisturizer after using a mud mask.

How should I store Mudpot?
As with any natural product, we recommend that Mudpot be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

What should I do if my Mudpot starts to dry out?
Stored properly, Mudpot should retain it’s buttery consistency for a year or more. If it does start to dry, simply re-hydrate with fresh spring water to desired consistency.