Gluten-free beauty products: Mud Mask

May 7, 2014 | Category: Press

Black Rock Mud was recently featured in the LA Times for their MudPot, a gluten-free mud mask.

Gluten-free beauty products in demand among some customers

By Mary Macvean | LA Times

16x9The natural mud mask from Black Rock Mud is gluten-free and harvested in Nevada. Those with gluten issues can often be more assured of what they’re getting, or not getting, by buying single-ingredient products.

Amy Soergel’s lip gloss was making her sick. The problem, she realized, was gluten — hydrologized wheat protein, to be exact. Then she went to the hairdresser who used a shampoo that made her neck burn. Again, it contained gluten.

“There’s hidden gluten in many places you may not consider,” including stamp and envelope glues, toothpaste and lip balms, says Soergel, who has a store, Naturally Soergel’s, near Pittsburgh that caters to people with allergies. Indeed, for people with celiac disease, a bit of gluten that might get swallowed from a lipstick or a stream of shampoo in the shower can be enough to cause illness. Read More

MudPot is 100% natural and completely free of additives, chemicals, dyes, fillers, preservatives and scents. To give your skin the nourishing Black Rock experience, try MudPot today.