Healthy Holistic Living Black Rock Mud Company Product Review

April 10, 2014 | Category: Press

Healthy Holistic Living | by Michelle Toole

OK, so I admit it I am a 45 year old outdoorsy type gal that never thought twice about her skin and is kicking herself now! So now whenever a quality skin care product comes up for review I am first in line.

What’s the Product?
MudPot by Black Rock Mud Company

First Impressions

Love the packaging it’s absolutely beautiful and the product? well, what’s not to love about mineral rich mud that finds its way to the earth’s surface through small bubbling mud volcanoes and mudpots. I cannot wait to slather this on my face!

How I used it

I love to play in the mud so this product was right up my alley. First thing I did was read the instructions. Steps 1, apply generously to clean skin avoiding eye area. Leave on for 5 -20 minutes. Spritz as needed to keep moist. Rinse thoroughly with water. Moisturize. Repeat application weekly or as desired. OK, so I washed my face and applied the mud liberally. It felt great going on so silky and smooth. Then I went and set the timer for 15 minutes. I was a bit stumped when it came to the spritzing part because I don’t own anything that is called a ‘spritzer’ but then I remembered that my 5 year old daughter has a spray bottle she uses for her snake tank which would do the job. OK, face spritzed. Then I waited. My face definitely felt tight and a bit tingly. Once the buzzer went off I rinsed my face an applied moisturizer. Wow! the mask certainly decreased the size of my pores as well as tightened my skin. My skin felt smooth and silky all day. I love this product, no two ways about it MudPot is a quality product that works incredibly well.

How does Mother Earth feel about this product?

Mother Earth loves Black Rock Mud Company from their harvesting techniques to packaging. Black Rock Mud Company screams environmentally friendly. Seriously, they actually package their product in a box that can be planted in your back yard and will sprout wildflowers! Yes, wildflowers! On top of that, MudPot is packed in a recyclable jar. In order to ensure long- term sustainability, Black Rock Mud Company carefully monitors both the Spring and Fall harvests. The mud is carefully hand harvested to help protect and preserve the precious resource. Once harvested it is then packaged, and the quantity of jars available for that harvest is determined. This company loves Mother Nature and she loves them right back!

Is it a Healthy Product?

All natural organic mineral rich mud from the Earth? You betcha it’s healthy.

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