New Year………New Product!

January 13, 2016 | Category: News


The New Year is upon us, and while everyone is focused on keeping their New Year’s Resolutions, the crew at Black Rock Mud Company is focused on a NEW PRODUCT scheduled to launch in 2016!

Due to popular demand from our luxury spa partners, we will officially package our dry mud powder for retail sale.

Besides being an ideal hand, foot, or full body soak, our dry mud powder is a perfect base for those who wish to customize their mud treatment with essential oils or other natural additives.

 It will come in an easy to dispense container, and like the rest of the Black Rock product line, it will be packaged in a plantable seed infused box.

So, if your New Year’s Resolutions don’t go quite the way you planned, you can look forward to detoxifying and rejuvenating in a mud bath………. and trying again…….tomorrow.