Restore Your Skin Without Botox or Fillers

May 29, 2015 | Category: Press

Black Rock Mud was recently mentioned in Organic Authority for restoring your skin naturally. Read the original article here.

Younger Looking Skin After 40: Heck Yes You Can Restore Your Skin Without Botox or Fillers

Organic Skin Tightener Want younger looking skin naturally? Check out our list of natural products that can turn back the clock and help you restore your skin without Botox or other fillers.

Turning 40 was easy. It flew by and there was lots of wine. My 41st birthday however was a different story. For the first time, I felt I was aging. I noticed new wrinkles, deep creases and dull skin. Life in my 40s had proven to be anything but dull and I wanted my skin to look as good as I felt.

I’ll be honest. My first thought was to actually restore my skin with Botox and fillers. After all, I have such fair skin. But then a second thought floated to the surface. Could I turn back the clock? Could I restore my skin naturally? Just like muscle tone comes back when I hit the gym, could my skin bounce back with a better skin care routine?

In my quest to find a new and manageable skin care routine for my 40s, I laid down a few ground rules: Products couldn’t break the bank. They should be as pure and organic as possible. No plastics microbeads. No parabens. No crap ingredients.

For three months, I tried over twenty skin care products and discovered that not all are created equal. Some worked miracles. Others just smelled nice. In the end, I did restore my skin. Bright and tight, the results surprised even me. I knew I had a winning new skin care routine when multiple friends – even men – asked me what I was doing differently because, “I didn’t look so wrinkly anymore.”

Deep creases had diminished drastically. And fine lines had disappeared. Even better news, most of the skin care products that worked miracles were independently owned, organic and freshly made in small batches.

So, here’s how I restored my skin:

I would get excited for my twice a week mask treatments as I saw dramatic and instant results with each of these great products. My skin seemed to “snap” back into shape. It appeared lifted, tight, bright, and my pores shrank.


Black Rock Mud Mudpot Natural Mud Mask