Photography by Mark Hammon


“I love, love, love Mudpot. My skin hasn’t felt this smooth or looked this clear in years. I have used other mud products over the years, but none have had the same effect as this one.”
– Cris E.

“I love how fresh Mudpot makes my skin feel when I have it on.”
– Linda P.

“There is so much that I love about Mudpot! First of all, the texture isn’t gritty. I have avoided using several other mud masks because of I didn’t like the texture. Mudpot is so smooth and it feels so good going on your skin. I also love how smooth it makes my skin feel afterwards. I noticed a change even after the first time I used it – and it keeps getting better!”
– Lucy G.

“I am amazed at how soft Mudpot makes my skin feel. My daughter has also been experimenting with Mudpot. She has the typical teenager skin with some very oily spots. We have been amazed at how much the mud helps those troubled areas – it just sucks the moisture right out. I also noticed that her skin recovers much faster from the redness that blemishes leave in the spots where she used the mud. Mudpot is a great product!”
– Linda S.

“I think that Mudpot is pretty excellent stuff, it feels natural and healthy on and off! I like that it doesn’t have the bizarre after odor or stinging sensation that I’ve run into when using other mud masks.”
– Cassie M.

“This product is so luscious and extraordinary from any other mud mask on the market that I’ve used, I think it is worth every penny. Especially when you think about how much you would spend on a facial with mud full of chemicals and who know what else….This mud is completely natural. LOVE IT!”
– Shawna J.