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January 1, 2012 | Category: Press

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February 15, 2013

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t’s that time of year again when we sift through hundreds of products trying to find the best of the best. And we found them!

Our Top 100 List consists of some oldies but goodies, as well as some fantastic new comers to the ‘Green’ market, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

So what exactly do we mean by ‘green’? Green can mean a lot of things in today’s world but, here at Healthy Holistic Living, when we talk about ‘green’ we are talking about the holistic approach. What that means is that not only is the product healthy for Mother Earth, it also means that it is good for YOU. And not just the physical you, but also your mind, body and soul. Yep, we are talking about the whole enchilada!

So how does a company get on our list? Good question. But first let me say that we do not get paid to review products or are paid any advertising fee. We at Healthy Holistic Living like to stay impartial during the review process but, of course, if a company feels obliged to send us a little Christmas gift after the list is posted we certainly will not refuse it.

So how do they get on our list? Well, each company’s product goes through a thorough review process and must meet the following criteria:

  • Must do what it claims to do
  • Must be chemical free
  • The company must be environmentally conscious and socially responsible, and not just in writing
  • The product must be all natural or organic
  • If it is a consumable item it must be GMO free

That’s it. We have taken the time to write a thorough review of each product addressing the above criteria so rest assured you are looking at a great list of products that are good for your mind, body and soul and that we are sure you are going to love.

Now some of you out there, and you know who you are, are going to count each and every product on this list to ensure that we have 100 products listed. Well you caught us; that’s right, this year you will only find 91 products on the list. Why, you may ask, simple, we just didn’t know about, sampled or tried any other products that we felt worthy of our list. That simple. But we still like to call it our Top 100 Green Products list.

OM Herb Pillow You can’t go wrong by combining 2,000 year old ancient Chinese wisdom and luxury. The Om Herb pillow is uniquely designed. One half of the pillow is filled with buckwheat hulls and the other half is filled with a combination of duck feather and duck down. AHHHHH. And if that wasn’t enough, they have an optional herb satchel that contains a combination of Chinese medicinal herbs designed to treat various symptoms from anxiety to shoulder pain.

The HopeFULL Company Are you looking for a great way to introduce your kids to eating whole healthy foods? Well now is your chance. The HopeFULL company makes two wonderful products, one to help you teach your kids about healthy eating and the second one to help chronically ill individuals find food more palatable. Awesome company, awesome products.

Vitamix If you don’t own a vitamixer it’s time to invest. Yes, it is an investment, but it is well worth it. I use my vitamixer at least 2 times a day. It’s so much more than a blender that you will wonder what you did before you had it.

Glass Dharma Straws Glass straws. Yup, glass straws. Who knew? Not only are they beautiful, they are great straws. We use them every day for our green drinks and smoothies.

SIGG SIGG water bottles have been around forever and for good reason, they make the best darn water bottles on earth.

Full Circle offers some of the best, most ingenious kitchen products available. They offer high quality, excellent products, and help the environment; what’s not to love about Full Circle!

Glob Natural Paints Just the idea of doing arts and crafts with your kids and not having to worry about the toxic effects of the paint is worth its weight in gold.

Dr. T’s Nature Products Mosquito Repelling Granules Got mosquitoes? This product really works, all you have to do is sprinkle it around the outdoor area you plan to use and the mosquitoes mysteriously disappear. If you live in a mosquito infested area like I do this is a must have, especially because it is all natural.

BottleBright OK it’s time to check your water bottles because I bet you anything they are not as clean as you think. Bottlebright has solved the problem with a simple non-toxic tablet that does the work for you. You have to try’s skoy cloth. We have 3 of them and not only do they work better than sponges and clothes, they really last.

Eat Cleaner If you travel, or tend to have kids who like to eat their way through the grocery store, Eat Cleaner products are for you. This is a quick solution to making sure your kids’ fruit and veggies are washed on the go.

Earth Friendly If you are looking for the purest of the pure all natural cleaning products that work then Earth Friendly is for you! If you are a yoga nut you are going to love their warrior yoga mat. I know my yoga instructor went nuts over this product. has some fantastic products for babies and toddlers that are not only incredibly functional but toxin free to boot.

Libre Tea If you drink loose tea this is the mug for you. It’s a great way to make a perfect cup of tea each time.

Lifestinks Bottom line, if you are using mainstream deodorant you are putting yourself and your health at risk. Lifestinks has the solution, they have developed a non-toxic, all natural deodorant that works; yes, it actually works.

Shea Terra Sweet mother of God, these are some absolutely wonderful skin care products that smell incredible, work great and are organic. So much to love about Shea Terra.

Beecology makes wonderful all natural products that you are not likely to find anywhere else. My favorite is the peppermint body wash and lip balm.

Exuberance Skin Care Organic, natural, cruelty-free skin care products that work, need I say more?

Healing Anthropology is an eco-minded company that creates high end, high quality all natural skin care products that are truly fantastic.

SEED Skin Care has developed an affordable all natural skin care line that rivals your high end products.

Golden Path Alchemy Skin Care products are handmade in small batches with all-natural, local and certified organic ingredients. Their products are like a bit of luxury in a bottle.

eco.kid Organic Skin Care for Kids has a fantastic line of products specifically designed for you little ones.

Auromere Ayurvedic puts out a wonderful line of ayurvedic personal care products that you are going to love. Personally, I have been using the toothpaste for years and you couldn’t pay me to give it up.

Organix South Theraneem makes a fantastic line of products from skin care products to pet care products using organic neem oil. Their mission is to create wholesome and natural products while taking care of the planet and we think they are doing just that.

Eco Lips Lip Balm This company makes a fantastic lip balm that is not only eco-friendly and all natural but most of the ingredients are organic. They even make a vegan lip balm. I love this company.

Neem Tree Farms makes a great line of organic products out of neem oil. Neem Tree Farms makes a wonderful line of products that I highly recommend, but be prepared neem oil has a “different” kind of smell.

Black Rock Mud Company OMG, this company makes and absolutely wonderful mask that leaves your skin feeling like you just left a spa. To top it off, their commitment to the environment is stellar.

Alima Pure Hands down one of the best all natural, chemical free cosmetics on the market today.

Inventive Eco Organics has a wonderful line of organic skin care products that leaves your skin feeling smooth and fresh all day.

Antho is a line of organic, chemical free skin care products that is priced right. Not only do they work but you can actually afford to buy them.

Colorado Aromatics makes divine all natural skin care products from soaps to serums that you are sure to love.

Wai Hope Organics has a superior line of organic skin care products that I highly recommend.

Scrubz is a natural and organic beauty shop that carries a specialized line of face scrubs and butters. Scrubz is an all natural, chemical free product that leaves your skin feeling soft and luxurious.

Phoenicia has a wonderful line of skin care products. You will not find any chemicals or additives in these products, just pure natural goodness that leaves your skin feeling and looking beautiful.

Weleda We love Weleda. They have been around forever and make nothing but the best products organic skin care products.

Elemental Herbs We love this company. They have a great line of organic skin care products and are eco-friendly to the nth degree.

Suki has a fantastic line of chemical and synthetic free skin care products that we love.

Zen Society has a wonderful line of organic skin care products that keeps it simple with no added anything, including scents. Excellent product.

SkinFare remedies and organic skin care all wrapped up in a biodegradable package, what’s not to love.

KYI has a great all natural skin care line that wants you to ‘know your ingredients,’ which is a big plus in our book.

Polarn O. Pyret If you are looking for high quality organic kids clothes that will last generations then you need to zip over to Polarn O. Pyret

Planet Flops Hands down some of the best flip flops on the planet!

Teko Socks Some of you may not believe this but socks matter, and Teko knows a thing or two about socks. Matter of fact, I think they make some of the best darn organic socks on earth.

Got the facts on Milk Did you grow up hearing the slogan ‘milk it does the body good’? Are you sure it does the body good? “Got the Facts on Milk” gives you facts on just how ‘good’ milk really is for you.

Yoga Foundations DVD is a great introductory video into the world of Yoga. Hillary Rubin’s video gives you all you need to get started with learning yoga, without, as she states, “ever doing a single ‘pretzel’ pose.”

Juicing Recipes for Vitality and Health you’ve likely heard about juicing, most of us have, but maybe you need a little help getting started. I have the answer, or I should say that Drew Canole has the answer. ‘Juicing Recipes for Vitality and Health’ is a fantastic introduction into juicing along with enough recipes to keep you moving forward on your juicing journey.

Train your Taste to Trim your Waste Fantastic book that explains in simple terms why we crave junk food and how to retrain your taste buds. Drew Canole has a true understanding of why we crave the food we do and exactly what to do about it.

OM Cocktail Not only are these drink mixes organic and taste incredible, but they come in an absolutely beautiful bottle, what’s not to love.

Golden Millstone Sesame Butter Ok if you are a lover of sesame butter a.k.a. tahini this is the product for you. It is far superior to other sesame butters and is organic to boot.

Kelapo Organic Extra Virgin Coconut non-stick cooking spray that is soy free, what’s not to love.

UNREAL Are you looking for mainstream candy without the chemicals? You are saying to yourself, I just can’t live without my M & Ms or Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, well, UNREAL has solved the problem, they have made all the candy you love minus the chemicals and, truthfully, we think they taste better.

Wholesome Chow If you are gluten free and looking for cake mixes, frosting or flour, Wholesome Chow should be your new go to company. They make a fantastic product that if FREE of just about everything you are not supposed to eat.

The Perfect Snaque Yes it truly is the Perfect Snaque, or at least we think so. It’s wholesome, hearty, filling and nutritious, what’s not to love.

Kicking Horse Coffee Organic coffee that is fair-trade and tastes great, now that’s the kind of coffee you want to buy.

Mary’s Gone Crackers Gluten-free products that you are going to love the minute you sink your teeth into them. Yup, yummy goodness that is good for you.

Harvest Nutrition I love super foods and Harvest Nutrition is no exception, this is one product that is loaded with super food goodness.

O’Cookies All natural, organic, vegan goodness. All I can say is YUM!

Funky Monkey Snacks are a big winner in my house, my little one loves them and I love the fact that they are GMO free, gluten free, sugar free and have several flavors that are 100% organic.

Andean Dream is a wonderful gluten-free quinoa based product line that we were thrilled to be introduced to. If you are gluten free this will be a nice addition to your weekly menu.

Baobab Powder is a wonderfully nutritious powder that tastes great in smoothies and mixed in your favorite fruit beverage.

Henry’s Humdinger Honey is a unique mix of spices and honey that are sure to add a little zip to your recipes.

Two Prince Bakery Way yummy gluten-free cookies and treats that we encourage anyone with a sweet tooth to give it a try.

Applegate Natural and Organic Meats Calling all carnivores! Applegate farm has a great selection of organic and all natural meats that you can feel safe feeding yourself and your family.

Better Bean Yummy beans done better. Yup, Better Bean uses only all natural and organic ingredients in their unique bean recipes. They have made eating beans convenient and eco-friendly.

Simply Sprouted Way Better Snacks Sprouted snacks, which are higher in nutritional value due to the nutrient-dense grains and seeds in the ingredients. GMO free, gluten free and all natural. They had me at ‘sprouted snack’

Dakota Beef Organic beef that is never ever given antibiotics or hormones that is humanely raised on organic pastures and fed strictly organic and vegetarian. Definitely gets my vote.

So Delicious Coconut Milk Products Yummy coconut goodness in a box! GMO free, gluten free and made with organic ingredients. All of this is right up my alley!

Dabbawalla makes fun and highly functional bags that are eco-friendly and sure to be a big hit with your little ones.

ECO Lunchbox not only are these lunch bags highly functional and eco-friendly they are beautiful to boot.

Sprout Watches OK, hold on to your socks, this is a biodegradable watch. Yup, I am not kidding, and it looks great.

ChicoBags makes reusable totes and bags that are great for travel and the environment. makes beautiful bags made from all natural material or recycled material.

Kid’s Konserve is a great company that makes storing and packing food safe and easy for both adults and kids.

Thriftee Lunch Bags is a company that up-cycles old t-shirts and turns them into really cool lunch bags for tweens and teens.

Easy Lunch Boxes makes non-toxic containers and lunch boxes to make packing lunch that much easier for you and your kids.

Harvest Nutrition I am a superfood fanatic and Harvest Nutrition makes some of the best. If you are looking for a high quality superfood that covers all the basis this is it.

Oxylent Multi-Vitamin Drink Finally a drink mix that doesn’t contain artificial flavors or additives and is a multi vitamin to boot. This is a great product by a great company.

Native Remedies has been around forever and has been producing some of the best remedies on the market.

Dynamite Natural First Aid Kit If you are looking to make a transition to a natural first aid kit this is the one. It has all the essentials and, the best part, they work.

Robert’s Remedies offers a great line of all natural remedies that use essential brewer’s yeast extract as their secret ingredient.

Emerald Essentials If you’re looking for a way to increase your superfoods and nutrients, Emerald Essentials has a great line of products to help get you started.

Topricin is a homeopathic pain relieving cream that works wonders on muscle pain and neuropathy.

SeaVeg sea vegetables are a great superfood to add to your diet and they have a wonderful line or products. They even make a product designed for your cat or dog, who knew.

Psi Bands are acupressure wrist bands for the relief of nausea due to morning sickness (pregnancy), motion sickness/ travel, chemotherapy, and anesthesia. Unlike any product on the market, Psi Bands are: Drug-free, Adjustable, Comfortable, Fashionable, Waterproof, Reusable, and Affordable.

Bits of Health Are you looking for a bit of extra energy? Well, look no further, Bits of Health has a line of new products that are designed to give you that extra boost on the go.

Green Pasture Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil If you are looking for a high quality cod liver oil this is the one. Awesome product, awesome company.

VitaForce Super Green Foodis the most advanced and complete nutritional supplement on earth. VITAFORCE replaces and improves on synthetic multi-vitamins by providing your daily nutrients the way nature intended — from whole organic fruits, vegetables and superfoods.

BioGaia Probiotic Straws is a great product specifically designed to help your little one take probiotics. Yup, BioGaia figured out that if you put the probiotics in a straw kids were more likely to take them, great idea.