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For centuries, mud was used as both a medicinal and cosmetic material. Today, backed by medical research, it is becoming increasingly popular as a rediscovered treatment for many different health and skincare conditions.

Among the many compositions of mud, illite clay is the most sought after for skin conditions and cosmetic purposes. This pure clay tailors to any skin type or condition to revitalize and sooth the skin. Illite clay is known for its absorbent properties and its ability to draw toxins and impurities from your skin. This toning action brings fresh blood to damaged cells, revitalizes the complexion, and tightens pores.

Image by Karen Maes

"I am amazed at how soft Mudpot makes my skin feel. My daughter has also been experimenting with Mudpot. She has the typical teenager skin with some very oily spots. We have been amazed at how much the mud helps those troubled areas...I also noticed that her skin recovers much faster from the redness that blemishes leave in the spots where she used the mud. Mudpot is a great product!"

-Linda S.

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